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Modular Power System

…or simply “MPS”:
MPS Complete Stack

It consists of (from top to bottom):

Stereo Amplifier
– Discrete Digital Stereo Amplifier, providing 2 x 120 Watts Sinus
– Operating Voltage: +30 / -30 Volts, Efficiency of Conversion > 95%
– Protection against overload and overvoltage
– Remote Activation Input

Voltage Converter
– Can be used for either Bucking or Boosting
– Inverter for Upper (“Primary”) Voltage
– 4 to 30 Volts Range
– Build for High Current; limited by safety fuse only
– Voltmeter Display for either of the 2 voltage sides, Display of operating mode
– Remote Activation Input; Power OK Output for Boosting Mode

Battery Module
– 2 x 2 Li-Ion 18650 Cells, nominal voltage 7,4 V
– CCCV switched charging circuit
– active balancing
– external battery connector available

Finetuning is finished and Long Term Burn-In Test provided very satisfying results.
Due to the high efficiency of all power conversions the average power drain is quite low even at high speaker volume. The Maximmum Current Draw for 2 x 8 Ohm Speakers  seldom exceeded 4 Amps, calculating to about 30 Watts of total Power consumption. Fully charged Batteries can therefore provide many hours of offline listening experience.

Several more Modules are planned:

Preamplifier for Tape/Phono/Mic
– Preamplifiers with 3 selectable Equalizing profiles
– Current-driving Recording Amplifiers for Tape/Cassette included
– All gain stages consist of Discrete Transconductance Amplifiers: differential voltage Input transform to current Output with Pure Forward Gain while providing quite low distortions and noise

Analog line receiver/transmitter
– All gain stages consist of Discrete Transconductance Amplifiers:

Digital line receiver/transmitter
– Optical Toslink for Input and Output
– 24bit and 96 kHz Audio codec
– Transconductance Input and Output

Discrete Volume Control
– 8bit resolution with hardware logarythmic curve
– Nominal Value of 600 Ohms for Termination of current transmission
– All switches made of small n-channel mosfets for low power consumption.
– Can be controlled by remote-set
– 7×40 Dual-Color Dot-Matrix Display

Booster/Controller for Modell-train
– High Efficency Switched Power Converter
– adjustable Output Voltage
– USB-to-serial interface for digital operation
– 50hz generator for analog Operation

Electronics is my profession


This is my site dedicated to my main interest: electronics and some other stuff.

But over the years i’ve had so many ideas and projects and some became so big that they had to be publiziced.

When i was 10 years old i had my first success in electronics when i build an amplifier that could playback an Audio Cassette from a disassembled tape deck. With 18 years of Age i decided to develop an power amplifier in switching Technology. I thought that would be easier than an common analog one….

It took me 10 years until it finalised in my

500 Watts Digital Power Amplifier.

I also learned to build switched power converters to supply it and audiophile gain stages and  now i integrated all into my new

Modular Power System (MPS)